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Modine Displays Electric Vehicle and Commercial Vehicle Solutions at the 2018 IAA Event

Modine Manufacturing Company, an expanded global leader in thermal management technology and solutions, demonstrated traditional and EV solutions for Commercial Vehicle, Bus, and Specialty Vehicle sections at the 2018 IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hannover, Germany last month. Modine is well suited to serve this next generation of commercial vehicles by using existing EV and current product platforms, and applying those technological advancements to the Off-Highway and Commercial Vehicle segments.

Electrification is a growing trend for Commercial Vehicle, Off-Highway and Automotive segments, and encompasses both fully electric and hybrid power-trains. Electric vehicle was a popular topic highlighted throughout the IAA show as well as at the Modine display. Visitors to the Modine booth showed great interest in both Modine's heat exchanger components and its fully integrated thermal management solutions for both EV and the latest generation of Commercial Vehicles.

Modine is leveraging patented technology to become a market leader in the electrification of Specialty Vehicles. As Off-Highway vehicles continue to move towards electrification, there will be a need for more onboard power electronics to support vehicle functions, particularly to support autonomous movement. Existing Modine technology will continue to provide innovative thermal management solutions for these needs as well.

"Modine has been providing innovative thermal management solutions to Off-Highway customers for more than 100 years," said Joel Casterton, Vice President, Vehicular Thermal Solutions. "There have been many changes in technology during that time, but our relationships with the leading global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in this market remain as strong as ever. As these customers develop cutting-edge electric vehicles, we are pleased that they have again chosen Modine as their partner to develop and industrialize the thermal management technology that they need."

These product platforms can transcend EV Powertrains and Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs) allowing Modine to enhance offerings to long-standing customers and new partners alike. Modine is actively working with several customers to provide the thermal management solutions needed for a number of EV applications across construction, mining and agriculture markets. Solutions are also in place for Battery Conditioning and Electric Motor Cooling.

"We are very excited about new technology focused on the electrification of Heavy Duty Vehicles and are well positioned to execute on this technical trend," said Scott Wollenberg, Vice President, Chief Technology Officer. "We are even more excited that it uses similar 'building blocks' as the technology used on ICE vehicles allowing us to be very competitive through reuse or redeployment of existing company assets."

IBM and Whirlpool Partners to Manage Global Operations on the Cloud

IBM and Whirlpool Corporation today declared that Whirlpool will use IBM Cloud to accomplish and provide 24/7 access to the company's complex enterprise applications comprising customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, and business warehouse to aid provide global operations efficiency.

Whirlpool says it will use IBM’s Cloud to run its SAP HANA environments, which embraces insights into 70 manufacturing sites, distribution and call centers, and other systems.

As Whirlpool Corporation decisively innovates its smart appliances to achieve real human needs, it must progressively rely on growing amounts of data to attain what consumers assume from the world’s leading maker of major home appliances.

"Whirlpool Corporation is a manufacturing leader, and we have moved our work to the cloud[Ap1] aggressively," said Mike Berendsen, vice president of IT for Whirlpool Corporation. "This collaboration with IBM will continue to allow us to leverage the capabilities of SAP on HANA as we continue to be a tech-forward company in the products we design and our global work environments."

To help customers address this, IBM presented a new SAP-certified IBM Services for Managed Applications for SAP HANA jobs. Through this combined approach of hardware, software, and services, IBM is the first to offer this level of cloud support for enormous workloads of up to 24 TB by using IBM Power Systems and IBM Storage. This means that even the major customers have the capacity they need to gain the benefits of HANA’s in-memory analytics on the cloud.

"The advent of emerging technologies has provided companies like Whirlpool Corporation with a whole new platform to innovate on," said Mark Slaga, global technology services general manager for IBM Services for Managed Applications. "Prior solutions often lacked the ability to scale to meet the needs of clients like Whirlpool and required substantial customization, which could drive up costs. With this solution, we're providing Whirlpool Corporation the means to scale its HANA environment to keep up on strategy."

By providing Whirlpool with access to massive SAP workloads on IBM Cloud, the company now has options to expand its SAP HANA portfolio and can focus on what’s most important to its business.

Acquisition: Superior Technical Ceramics Strong Operating Team Partners with Artemis’ Strategic Ownership

Superior Technical Ceramics, based in St. Albans, Vermont, has been acquired by Artemis Capital Partners, a private equity firm founded in 2010 and based in Boston, Massachusetts. 

The firm invests exclusively in differentiated industrial technology companies operating in the aerospace, automotive, defense, energy, industrial automation, scientific and research, and medical sectors.

Superior Technical Ceramics has been recognized as an innovator in advanced ceramic technologies since its founding in 1898. The company's products offer a distinct set of properties that make them ideal for use in a diverse range of technical applications, including high heat, corrosive environments, thermal management challenges, mechanical wear problems, electrical insulation requirements, and high temperature/pressure conditions.

STC has complete in-house capabilities to assist with design, engineer, tool and manufacture of technical ceramics to customer requirements. Superior Technical Ceramics invests in state-of-the-art equipment and in highly skilled, knowledgeable employees to produce the industry’s best components.

The privately held company has 162 employees, who work in a campus encompassing 135,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

"We are excited about partnering with Artemis. By combining STC's strong operating team with Artemis' strategic ownership, the Company is poised for a new era of growth and innovation. Most importantly, our customers can count on a seamless transition and our unwavering focus on performance, quality, and service," said Superior Technical Ceramics president John Goodrich. "We are committed to staying in St. Albans, where we will continue to make decisions locally, pursue further job growth, and be an active member of the local community, and the greater Vermonteconomy."

"From the first day we visited STC, we saw a Company with all the hallmarks of scalable growth – a customer-centric culture; technical advantages spanning both materials and processes; a passion for applications engineering; and a motivated team, hungry for partnership. STC's dual commitment – to customer and technology – perfectly fits our investment model," said James F. Ward, Principal at Artemis and new Board member at STC.

Peter A. Hunter, Managing Partner at Artemis and new Board member at STC, agreed: "STC's capabilities speak for themselves and we plan to further invest in the Company's people, technology, equipment, and partnerships to realize STC's full potential as a world-class player in the advanced ceramics market – from right here in Vermont."

Under Artemis's ownership, STC will continue to operate as an independent company from its headquarters in St. Albans, VT. Needham & Company acted as financial advisor to STC in the transaction.

Moon to Get Its Own Mobile Phone Network Next Year

Almost 50 years since the first NASA scientists walked the moon; tactics are on to equip the moon with its first mobile phone network, which is predictable to be set up by next year itself.

The mobile phone network on the moon would facilitate high-definition streaming from the lunar landscape back to the earth.

This network is a part of the first privately financed moon mission and will be supported backed by Vodafone Germany, network equipment maker Nokia and carmaker Audi, the companies said on Tuesday.

Well is seems like, Elon Musk’s moon mission may soon get a shot in the arm as mobile phone operations on the lunar surface, from next year.

The launch is scheduled from Cape Canaveral on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. Berlin-based PTScientists are on board for the project, and will work with all the companies involved. The recent report, quoted Hannes Ametsreiter, Chief Executive, Vodafone Germany, as saying, “This project involves a radically innovative approach to the development of mobile network infrastructure.”

Vodafone said that it had appointed Nokia as its technology partner in the initiative to develop a space-grade network with a small piece of hardware weighing less than a bag of sugar.

The mobile network being planned for the moon is 4G rather than the latest 5G network as the next generation 5G networks are still in the trial and testing stage and are not stable enough to be confirmed to be compatible to work from a lunar surface.

The launch is part of a project that will eventually make trips to the moon commercially viable. Researchers said the plan is to connect two Audi lunar rovers to a base station in the Autonomous Landing and Navigation Module (ALINA). The 4G network will enable the Audi lunar rovers to transfer scientific data and HD video while they study NASA’s Apollo 17 lunar roving vehicle. Researchers said the two rovers would also send live HD pictures to earth as they travel to within 200 metres (656 feet) of the rover.

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