United Kingdom Connected Vehicle Market (2018-2023)

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United Kingdom Connected Vehicle Market The United Kingdom connected vehicle market is expected to show double-digit growth rates. The U.K. government is realizing its dream of making the nation a self-driving research hub. UK Autodrive, a publicly funded consortium that includes Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, and TATA Motors, announced a new set of trials with a focus on self-driving cars and vehicles that can instantly share information with other motorists and city infrastructure. Recent testing and development signaling systems, that can be disseminated by emergency services - ambulances, fire trucks and police cars - to nearby drivers, advising about areas that should be avoided, are being developed. UK Autodrive is constantly looking at connected traffic lights that could help self-driving vehicles optimize their speed limits, avoid red lights and reduce congestion. The team's autonomous vehicles are tied to a half-mile route in the city center, while a second group focused entirely on "connected" features , navigate a longer six-mile course. Initiatives are currently taken to make self-driving cars a reality very soon; the self-driving cars are expected to have a backup driver in case of an emergency. The test routes are small as of now. Milton Keynes, for instance, has been using the Lutz Pathfinder pod as a potential form of public transportation. A larger, four-person shuttle was also tested at the Greenwich Peninsula, while a self-driving van delivered groceries in the quiet neighborhood near Woolwich Arsenal station. Key growth factors o Demand for a connected driving experience is growing rapidly in this region. Major auto-makers and OEMs are working to make this a reality very soon. o Regulatory initiatives relating to safety and security will have a decisive effect on the adoption of OEM telematics all across Europe. Threats and key players o OEMs in U.K. are facing challenges in the form of increasing costs, extended supply chains, more complex vehicles, increasing customer demands and the need for an unprecedented degree of manufacturing flexibility. o Some of the key players operating in the market are :- Airbiquity Inc, Aptiv PLC, Autoliv, Continental AG, Denso, NXP Semiconductors, Robert Bosch GmbH, TomTom, WirelessCar, and ZF Friedrichshafen. What's covered in the report? 1) Overview of the United Kingdom connected vehicle market 2) Evolution of connected car solutions 3) Connected vehicle ecosystem 4) Connected vehicle- integration landscape model 5) Total number of embedded passenger car solutions in United Kingdom by value (USD Bn) and volume (Mn units) 2018-2023,CAGR, and SWOT analysis for embedded solutions 6) Total number of integrated passenger car solutions in United Kingdom by value (USD Bn) and volume (Mn units) 2018-2023, CAGR, and SWOT analysis for integrated solutions 7) Total number of tethered passenger car solutions in United Kingdom by value (USD Bn) and volume (Mn units) 2018-2023, CAGR, and SWOT analysis for tethered solutions 8) Value proposition for connected passenger car services 9) Value proposition for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)- connected passenger car services 10) Total number of fleet management solutions in United Kingdom by value (USD Bn) and volume (Mn units) 2018-2023 and CAGR 11) Value proposition for connected truck services 12) Modular strategy - truck manufacturers and OEMs 13) Key opportunities in the United Kingdom connected vehicle market 14) Key market trends in United Kingdom connected vehicle market 15) Analysis of companies profiles of major public and private players operating in the market Why buy? 1. Understand the demand for connected vehicle products and services to determine the viability of the business. 2. Determine the developed and new markets where connected vehicle technology is consumed. 3. Formulate a product market strategy based on the position in the value chain and determine the optimal product/service placement. 4. Identify the gap areas and address them. 5. Develop strategies based on the industry and economic factors for each of the segments. 6. Define the competitive positioning by comparing the products and services with the key players in the market. "Customizations available? With the given market data, Market Research Outlet offers customizations according to specific needs. Write to us at info@marketresearchoutlet.com.

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